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The community of Glebe came out in defence of the
youthie at a rally on the 14th December - closed down
without notice by the O'Farrell Liberal government.
We won !!!

Video here

    starts 22nd October, 2013  

a place where woman come together to share stories and empower
 each other to heal & work towards a brighter future [WEAVE]
Season 2 starts October 31

Tiddas take back - Lorna in London

'On Wednesday, the Tiddas had the opportunity to hold the notebooks
and read from the same text the young Patygareng once held.' Nàngami

40,000 years - Restoring the mural SSH

Carol Ruff - Redfern mural repeats history
Marlene Cummins mcing
Aunties' bingo - with a twist, blackfella way - one-liners,
short & snappy. Surprise guest, performance, have a yarn.
Breakthrough news on the Bowraville murder case
Tuesday 26th Nov

Videos of the rally: ALC | Press TV   |   Article

The Monthly: Encounters - Gary Foley & Joe Strummer

Eora JOurney | city projections | 20 November - 20 Feb
Corroboree Sydney 14-24 Nov
The Fox and the freedom fighters

at Performance Space's 30 year celebration 23 Nov

Mac Silva and Malabar Mansion by Gary Foley
Out of town? Listen in live from the Block to 'Drive' or Watch
Sydney Theatre Company - free event - Battle of Waterloo
Rough Draft #23 - Friday 25 October 6.30pm @ Wharf 2
Kylie Coolwell [Redfern Salon] testdriving her script
Mad pride youth event by WEAVE @ 107 Redfern
It’s C(▒)(▒)(▒)(▒)(▒)(▒)(▒)(▒)L to be kind.
    18th October, 2013  
    17th October, 2013  

The Dr Charles Perkins AO Annual Memorial Oration
Guest Speaker - Shane Phillips: Youth in our community
Listen or watch the recording

Tiga Bayles talks with Sol Bellear in 'Legends of land rights'.
Part 1 | Part 2

Overlooked Generation – The elderly

SKYPE with Cookie, all of his friends and comrades very welcome.
You can download the book for free or get the hardback for $40.

Babana and the Men's Shed Association launch
'A spanner in the works' their Indigenous health booklet.

Stand and unite for Trayvon Martin against racial profiling.

Redfern in the '90s, photographs by Brenda Croft
Art Gallery 6 April – 15 October 2013

Daniel Browning talking with Brenda L Croft, Suzanne Ingram,
Bonny Briggs, Jody Chester, Mary Mumbulla & Tim Bishop
Blackfella Films
And that's a wrap! Final day of shooting for Redfern Now 2.
HUGE thank you & congratulations to our amazing cast and crew.
It's been a great shoot, we're incredibly proud of the series,
can't wait for you all to see it. Blackfella Films 23/07/13

20 years of the Gadigal Information Service
celebration exhibition combining personal archives,
commissioned film works, radio recordings, photography
and free Klub Koori events and forums.
27th June - 1st August, 2013

sound lounge
★★★★★ L O T S of stories ★★★★★
Keeping Place exhibition - Jeff McMullens speech
”></a><FONT face=...
1. NAIDOC family sports day 2. RAB v LARPA - great day. Larpa fought right to the last second of the game and were proud in defeat. over 2000 people there. Shane. Photos Barbara McGrady

NAIDOC family and sports day
running in Redfern for over 20 years
7-14 July 2013

Glebe family day & Aboriginal history tour
Sunday 7th July at Glebe Public School

Barbara McGrady did the stills for the 'Aunty Wendy's Mob'
Red Black & Yellow video shoot at The Block.
'The kids were great!'

'best day when looking at the all the faces of young and old; Aunty Wendy works hard with heart and soul' KF
Hey! It's, me, Wendy from Aunty Wendy's Mob.
Wanting to invite you to come and make history
this SATURDAY 15th on Eveleigh St Redfern..
starting at 11am-4.30pm with a feed in-between.
We're shooting the Eveleigh St verse of Red, Black and Yellow
before Eveleigh St is completely changed forever!
The street is blocked off for us and its a big film crew!
Come and be in it, bring family and little ones
(but teach them how to do the 'ridge-I-Didge' before you come!
See ya on Saturday!

Photography exhibition by Barbara McGrady
in 'The Head On' festival @ RCC
10th May till 21st June

Corey Grech and Clifton Ah Sam cook for G&T

Babana men's group jobs cruise on Lateline

See Vivid Sydney by Tribal Warrior cruise on the long weekend

Tribal Warrior's prime8 goes inland for the Flying Doctor car trek
made possible by long-time trek supporter & fundraiser David Hicks

Photos from team member Corey Grech

Reconciliation Week 27th May - 3rd June

the short film 'RALPH' showing at Flickerfest
    25th April 2013  
Marching from Redfern Park to the Block on ANZAC Day

Photo by Corey Grech

Photo by Barbara McGrady

VALE the wonderful Dick Blair, we will remember you.
Sisters Faith & Kerrie Phillips release doves in honour
of their father Dick Blair at his funeral service, Botany.

Our Dad's funeral, Richard Carl Phillips, aka Dick Blair, will be held on the block where he fought for our territory, safety, pride & people, next Tuesday 16th April at 11am .... as in his and Mum's house ... All are welcome. Farewelling a proud, strong, dignified, respected & loved Dad, leader, pastor and top gentleman. Once the Australian & empire middleweight champion, the spokesperson and one of the founders of the Block, one of Australia’s first Aboriginal lifeguards, actively involved with many of the great names of our civil rights warriors ... always worked in the background and never sought credit for his hard work ... loved by his family who are very proud and grateful. Shane

Chicka Madden's old house near the Block
painted up to launch the Eora Journey.
Community launch Saturday 23rd March

Painters Nahdia Noter, Tyrelle McGrath, Trae Campbell, Ji Duncan-Weatherby,
 Brandon Phillips, Isaac Phillips, Josh Addo and Josh Nolan. SSH
photo from
Funding crisis for program
Update - Funding found for one year

Jenny Munro spoke at 'Justice for the Bowraville
Children' protest rally in Sydney 14th March.

Vale Col James
Celebration of Col's life 2nd March
Invitation | Obituary in SMH

TJ's rally & march
    RCC Term 1  

Yellamundie continues >>> 7th, 8th & 9th February

with Redfern salon on the 8th - four local playsYellamundi-writers-500.jpg
Leanne Lovegrove, Victoria Kennedy, Kylie Coolwell, Lorna Munro
Some of the speakers on Saturday at Yabun [from the Koori Mail]

10.00-10.30 speak out tent ... Lyall Munro on high rates of illness & death
.............................. in the cotton belt, declaring cancer cluster

12.10-12.35 speak out tent ... Jodie Broun

1.20 – 1.35 the main stage ... 1938 reflection

1.55 – 2.40 speak out tent ... APA 75 years - Sam Watson & John Maynard
1.55 – 2.40 . kulture tent ... black Olympians

3.00 – 3.40 speak out tent ... intervention
3.00 – 3.40 . kulture tent ... theatre / dance

4.10 – 4.50 speak out tent ... y0uTh panel – Lorna, Blake, Angeline & Peter
4.10 – 4.50 . kulture tent ... national playwrights’ festival

26 Jan ~ Yabun ............... Yellamundie ~ 27 Jan
C o  n  g  r a  t u l  a  t  i  o n s 

Australian of the Year - Local Hero 2013
S  h  a  n  e     P  h  i  l l  i  p s

Well deserved award
for a hard working and amazing person
and recognition that
this community matters.
    Happy new year  

New Years Eve cruise on the Tribal Warrior & Mari Nawi -
on board the lead vessels for the Harbour of Light Parade.
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