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    12 December 2017  

Jillaroo O'Mealey improving kids' lives [NRL]
    10 December 2017  

25 years on: the legacy of the Redfern speech [CoS]
Watch  & Sol Bellear's wish for plaque granted
    29 November / 9 December 2017  

The passing of Sol Bellear [ABC]
Photos - Foley's tribute album + ALC callout

Sol's last March ... Please share ..
Saturday the 9th ... front of Redfern AMS
march 10.15 to Redfern oval for farewell 10.45 ...
Sol remembered at State Funeral [SMH]

Sol Bellear, one of the most influential
national Aboriginal leaders of his generation [SMH]
    8 December 2017  

Jinny-Jane Smith is the new Aboriginal Liaison
Officer for the Waterloo redevelopment. [SSH]
    8 December 2017  

Voicing dissent, working for justice - Norma Ingram
    8 December 2017  

The caretaker - SBS onDemand 41 days
    2 November - 9 December  
Barbara McGrady: Always Will Be
curated by Sandy Edwards

retrospective photography exhibition
Gary Foley was LIVE | NITV News
    27 November 2017  

Vale Uncle Lester Bostock
Memories of Lester shared - HERE | HERE & HERE
    26 November 2017  

Interview with Larissa #aftertheapology
#windafilmfestival #closingnight
    14 November  
    13 November 2017  

Mequynne Logan, joint winner in ACYP Competition
    23 November 2017  

Cope ST Collective @ Glebe Library
31 August, 28 September, 26 October, 23 November
    9 November 2017  

Nawi Symposium:'Travelling our waters' was LIVE
    7 November 2017  

Community Q&A: Alisi Tutuila [SSH]
    4 November 2017  

Friends of Ferguson statue fundraiser - gofundme
    3 November 2017 - January 2018  

The Boomalli Ten - celelebrating 30 years
    31 October 2017  

ASSIPJ BLM yarning circle @ The Settlement was LIVE
    27 October 2017  
    24 October 2017  

Mad Pride 2017 - 'Share the Journey'
photos & video
    25 October 2017  

SToMP - Children routinely harrassed [ABC]
more on the Youth Justice Coalition at Junkee
    21 October 2017  
    19 October 2017  

60,000 years of Australian history: a plea
    18 October 2017  

Lawrence West - a celebration of his life
    16 October 2017  
    15 October 2017  

The Settlement's youth service [Humans of Redfern]
    29 September - 2 October 2017  

Volunteers welcome / live on NITV Sunday & Monday

Knockout wrap: Day 1 [NITV]    

                   Day 2 

Day 3
  Day 4 Newcastle Yowies the grand final winner
    9 September - 1 October 2017  

lighting up Matavai & Turanga towers #WeLiveHere2017
s h a r e   y o u   p h o t o s here
in the news - ABC | Conversation | Guardian
    29 September 2017  

YouTube clips here and here | ALC newsletter
    29 September 2017  

National day of action - NITV was LIVE
  Another death in custody renews calls for justice
    28 September 2017  

WEAVE - award for 'Stories of lived experience'
improving Aboriginal social and emotional wellbeing
    27 September 2017  

FBi Radio All the best - Eviction
includes an interview with Sonya Brindle
    27 September 2017  

It's school holidays and easy to sleep in but
everyone made a great effort to get up at it for this
 morning's training at The Block! #trainhard #redfern #boxing
    25 September 2017  

sold out but streamed live  
Replayed on 'Speaking out' here and here
    25 September 2017  
    24 September 2017  
and they won
Redfern women simply the best

All four grand finals on same day - historic first

Captains' launch

Interview with Lavina
    20 September 2017  

Take Lawrence West home to Bourke
    19 September 2017  

Kicking off our conversation on suicide prevention
Watch this space, there is more to come! [Babana]
NITV News - ‘Even warriors need help’
    18 September 2017  
    16 September 2017  

Interviews include Paul Coe [ABC Compass]
    15 September 2017  

Silent march against Aboriginal deaths in custody
    14 September 2017  

5pm everyone welcome
    11 September 2017  

Waterloo special
    10 September 2017  

The community is proud of the young ones when
they fight back and take control of their lives. [Humans of Redfern]
    9 - 14 September 2017  
    9 September 2017  

The Knockout is fast approaching and we need as
many volunteers as possible, come along RCC 10-12
    8 September 2017  

South Sea Islander Recognition symposium was live
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
    7 September 2017  
    6 September 2017  
    29 August 2017

Consultation at Redfern [ABC AM]

Incarceration solutions lie within communities [NIT]
    29 August 2017  

All Blacks earn week off [NSWRL]

RAB women clinch minor premiership
    27 August 2017  
Grand final - We keep the ball in motion #RABFamily
This is how they did it!
Action shots of 16-12 win over Coogee -Barb McGrady
    28 August 2017  
    26 August 2017  

Closing celebration for Elaine's exhibition
watch online
    26 August 2017  
RAB KO volunteer session RCC 10-12
All welcome. Spread the word! #RABFamily
    25 August 2017  
    24 August 2017  

Know your rights, and learn how to ...
National Justice Project | press release
live | ABC PM with Bronwyn Penrith
    22 August 2017  

These mentors are the glue of our program ..[Shane]
    21 August 2017  

Permanent removal increases: Info session [GMAR]
    17 August 2017  

Aboriginal Poetry Night - open mic, for
Down The Barrel: Indigenous Resistance exhibition
photos | watch online
    17 August 2017  

putting the #warrior into Tribal Warrior [Quantum]
    16 August 2017  

Recalling Bob Bellear, a man of firsts [The Echo]
    15 August 2017  

Who defines 'capacity', & for what? 4-6pm [WPHAG]
listen online
    13 August 2017  

Tough game but RAB came away with the win to go
to the grand final. Photos by Barbara McGrady
    12 August 2017  

A Day of Conversations
Down The Barrel: Indigenous Resistance [Elaine Syron]

photos by Barbara McGrady
this was filmed - watch online
long, but worth watching through to the end
    7 & 12 August  

We hope our visitors share what they learned about Waterloo with others
and do everything they can to shape the narrative of what is happening here.
#battleforwaterloo #welivehere2017 #humansofwaterloo
    10 August 2017  

Redfern welcomes Clinton Pryor, walking for justice
🖤 💛    & HERE
NITV's interview with Clinton | News | SMH

    4-5 August 2017  

Children's Day - hosted by GMAR Sydney Branch
Justice for Children and Youth - rally
# Roundtable discussion
    5 August 2017  

The Great Strike 1917 - Community day @ Eveleigh
    3 August 2017  

Eveleigh industrial heritage & social history
Worth preserving for the future? REDWatch 6pm
    2 August 2017  

The winner - City of Sydney Business Leader 2017
    1 August 2017  

Tribal Warrior making history [NITV] & News
    29 July 2017  

Patty Mills visit - photos by Barbara McGrady
& NCIE YouTube clip
    24 July 2017  

Standing in solidarity for Elijah at Supreme Court
Photos by Barbara McGrady
    21 July 2017  

The Weekend by Henrietta Baird. Sneak peek of
Yellamundie In Development program.
Performer Angeline Penrith
    21 July 2017  

It was freezing and they turned up ..thank you to
WorleyParsons for the hoodies ...good timing :)
    19 July 2017  

Rebecca Maher Why did she die? One year no answers
& Eric Whittaker - death in custody rally
News - NITV | The Point | ABC | SMH
Diane Whittaker was LIVE | Barbara McGrady's photos
    12 July 2017  

The Battle for Waterloo [The Guardian]
    11 July 2017  
    10 July 2017  

More Indigenous midwives equals strong connection
    2 - 9 July 2017  


Deadly action at Darlo [SSH]

Redfern vs LaPa NAIDOC game

includes some Redfern related interviews
    7 July 2017  

Artists document what’s happening [SSH]
    6 July 2017  

 'If I can help to make the world a better place in any shape or form
     starting from Redfern, I’d be happy with that.'  ...  Tim Gray     

'Reconnecting with culture' [SBS]
    3 July 2017  
    2 July 2017  
Great community project and congrats to Desley Haas for never giving up.
The mural reflects the black heart of Redfern. Always was, always will be.
 [Irene Doutney]    

Interview with Carol Ruff [ABC Breakfast]
    30 June 2017  

Slide night with Uncle Mervyn Bishop
    29 June 2017  

Redfern Station Community Group - update
    28 June 2017  

Never going back [NITV]
    24 June 2017  

WPHAG Future Planning Centre - open day & free BBQ

Waterloo Planning Centre opens [SSH}
    19 - 24 June 2017  
NT intervention - TEN years

forum @ UTS - NITV News | ABC News
listen to the full forum on Speaking Out


forum @ RCC - photos by
Steve Bunbadgee Hodder Watt

rally - photos by Steve & Green Left Weekly
    22 June 2017  

Shane a finalist in Sydney City Business Awards
    21 June 2017  

Our Fernside food truck was a hit!!! [WEAVE]
    16-18 June 2017  

Cooks River Oral Histories exhibition Sat-Sun
    16 June 2017  

Judy Atkinson at Sydney TEDx 2017
    26 May - 16 June  

Mari Nawi Vivid cruise
    14 June 2017  

These young ones get up early, they
own their own change, continually strengthening ..
    9 June 2017  

Koori Job Ready presentation
    7 June 2017  

People came together to share their stories on film
    7 June 2017  
    27 May - 7 June 2017  

Photos here

Eyewitness accounts of community - exhibition [SSH]
    3 June 2017  

Ngara: A forum on creating change
    3 June 2017  

Off to Griffith for the Flying Doctor car trek
    3 June 2017  

Mabo Day 25 years @ RCC [YARN]
    1 June 2017  

Density: What does it mean for Waterloo?
    31 May 2017  

Great morning at Tribal Warrior CSWP this morning
 .. every age, every colour, one mob [Shane]
    29 May 2017  

Paul Irish talks about Aboriginal communities in
C19th Sydney [
'Hidden in plain view' ABC Nightlife]
    27 May 2017  
50 years since the 1967 referendum   

That photo - the lads in Chippendale
Vote yes - Frances Peters-Little's film marked the 40th anniversary
ABC interactive - Right Wrongs
Reflecting - Millie Ingram | Rhonda Dixon-Grovenor
UTS Big Thinking forum @ Sydney Festival was filmed
Harold Holt's death & why the 1967 referendum failed people - Foley
    26 May 2017  

KBHAC Sorry Day commemoration - Unfinished business

live on Platform 1 & with Kirra  | photos here & here
    22 May 2017  

Luke and Shane working with community
    18 May 2017  

Support families fighting to get their children back
    14 May 2017  

Women’s City-Country: Lavina Phillips [Tele]
Interview after victory [NRL]
    9 May 2017  

New P.O. mural unveiled [SSH]
    6 May 2017  

Lil Son Boy Carr and his track 'Hometown'
- an ode to the one and only REDFERN!
This all went down at A Day Out On The Block!
We love our local talent. [Koori Radio]
    5 May 2017  

Midwives march [Koori Mail] NACCHO #closethgap
    4 May 2017  

Naomi Mayers receives honorary degree [NACCHO]
    4 May 2017  

Inside the resurgence of the RAB Rugby League team
    2 May 2017  

'Friday Night Live is a deadly event. We always feel comfortable going because we know everyone there and it really represents the true meaning of community where everyone can come together, especially all the young people that live in the area.'
    1 May 2017  
    29 April 2017  

day of mourning for the 1770 first contact/invasion
a community day to pay respect [Kamay/Kurnell]
    28, 29 April 2017  
    25 April 2017  

Call for a La Perouse memorial [Daily Tele]
    25 April 2017  

program here  /  NITV was LIVE  /  video
    25 April 2017  

.. recently met up with Lillian and Ken Horler who were the owners of the original
Nimrod Theatre in 1972 when the National Black Theatre (NBT) performed our
legendary stage production of "Basically Black" there. Ken Horler directed ..[Foley]
    23 April 2017  


Carolyne Jackson, photos by Lisa
    21 April 2017  

Eora Nation 47: What actually happened to
indigenous people of Sydney in 19th century?
    20 April 2017  

woodwork workshop [Tribal Warrior]
    4 April 2017  
AHC seeks student housing changes to fund Pemulwuy Project
SSH 4 April Time for tough decisions | Funding
AHC Community presentation [powerpoint]
    3 April 2017  

Trailer now up on the DAF website to continue
 our fundraising. [#WeLiveHere2017]
    1 April 2017  

Part of The National series  Making It Big – Richard Bell
Basically Black film screening and discussion
Gary Foley, Bronwyn Penrith, Richard Bell & host Lydia Miller
    1 April 2017  

Video of the day. Be here. Be heard.[WEAVE]
    30-31 March 2017  

photos here
    28 March 2017  

Awakening the warrior within - Zach's journey to manhood
follow on fb

Brilliant documentary .. Q&A with SMH's Gary Maddox
(R) hosting. Zach, Alec, Aaron. Highly recommended.
You won't be disappointed! [Barbara McGrady]
    26 March 2017  

Panel: Stolen Generations - then & now.  Watch here
    26 March 2017  

Keenan Mundine How a jail joke turned my life around
    24 March 2017  

bbq 5pm, play 6pm @ RCC
    24 March 2017  

Trivia Night fundraiser
    24 March 2017  


Young warriors breathing life back into culture
    15 March 2017  

This forum was live
    15 March 2016  
    13 March 2017  

Road to the KO Ep 5 - the wrap show is finally out
    11 March 2017  

Barangaroo Ngangamay launch 2-8pm
Angeline Penrith MCing
    10 March 2017  

Mural restoration more than a heritage issue [SSH]
    9 March 2017  
AHC Pemulwuy Project Student Housing Proposed Changes - here
AHC seeks student housing change to fund Pemulwuy

The Redfern community and stakeholders are invited by the Aboriginal Housing Company to an information event on Thursday 9th March, 7pm (doors open 6.30pm) at Redfern Community Centre [SSH]
AHC invitation | Media releases
    5 March 2017  

Bonny Briggs & Tim Bishop on Speaking Out
The history of Indigenous participation in
the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras
    8 March 2017  

includes Lorna Munro's My black womanhood [NITV]
    3 March 2017  

So proud of our AMS Redfern Rebels. 🏆 2nd PLACE!!
A champion effort from all our Aunties and Uncles.
It's never too old to go for gold! [AMS photos]

Third annual EORA Elders Olympics [Wyanga photos]
    21 - 26 February 2017  
Tim sat down with the mob at JOY 94.9 to talk all
 things KOORI GRAS. Missed it? Catch up HERE..

See Tim Bishop's history at

share stories or photos here
    19, 20 February / March 2017  

Aaron McGrath as Jasper Jones
Aaron's star turn shines light on perennial issue [NIT]
    19 February 2017  
    14 February 2017  

Shane Phillips & CSWP program [ABC 7.30 Report]
    14 February 2017  
Gail Hickey was live

13th Anniversary of the death of TJ Hickey - photos

13 years and no justice - rally 10am [ISJA]

TJ Hickey 13 years on [GLW]

Permanent plaque for TJ [SMH]
    9 February 2017  

Celebration. RAB.
All Stars Week, Newcastle.
Interstate Challenge Cup winners
    13 February 2017  

guestspeakers representing Kinchela, Bomaderry
& Cootamundra Homes and Stolen Generations Council
    3 February 2017  

Joyous, comic and grim: the best new Indigenous playwrights [The Conversation]
    2 February 2017  

Tony Mundine's gym closes [SMH]
    2 February 2017  
    February 2017  

The role of community in Aboriginal Aged Care [ISV]
    29 January 2017  
AHC Pemulwuy Project Student Housing Proposed Changes
REDWatch update - Click here
In January 2017 the Aboriginal Housing Company received the requirements from the Department of planning for amending their approval to increase the maximum height of the student housing component of the Pemulwuy Project from 6 to a maximum 16 storeys to make the project self funding. Here are details relating to that application and community engagement.
    27-29 January 2017  


workshopping 16-25th

readings 26-29th
    26 January 2017  

Madeleine Madden: why we need to change the date
    26 January 2016  

History of student engagement in Aboriginal rights [Honi Soit]
    26 January 2017  

Invasion Day rally photos Peter Boyle & Pip Hinman
NITV News - Record crowds turn out in major cities
    26 January 2017  
volunteers welcome

  program includes the Speak Out tent
Dhuulu Yala 'Talking Straight'
follow on facebook
watch on YouTube
    25 January 2017  
Up late at the museum
Ngalu Warawi Marri - We stand strong
    25 January 2017  
    26 January 2017  

Gary Foley - early days of the Tent Embassy [BBC]
    21 January 2017  
    18 January 2017  

Just watched Waterloo resident billy macpherson
totally kill it at Urban Theatre Project's
Home Country - seriously great! [WeLiveHere2017]
    18 January 2017  

Proud of these young Fullas !!
They Keep working to strengthen Us !!
    18 January 2017  
    16 January 2017  

Enrich your lives through culture NITV
  Wesley Enoch, Director on ABC Awaye

Billy Mac's autobiographical play 'Cuz' in
development, a Yellamundie reading in 2013

Cope St Collective - Alex Park Community School’s
2017 Artists in Residence - Bjorn Stewart, Colin
Kinchela, Kate Beckett, Kodie Bedford, Mathew Cooper
[Park Rd Studio]
    4 January 2017  

Reawakening of the Sydney language [SMH]
    2 January 2017  

Franny Peters-Little on 2SER's 'The Chat'
    2 January 2017  

Interview with Shane abt the Sydney-Hobart run [2UE]
    31 December 2016  

Faces to watch 2017: new shooting stars

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