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From the archives: 16 April 1973 - Work started
    March 2019  
Student housing in The Block redevelopment
 IPC decision & historical overview 
AHC media release 4 March
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'Turning of the Soil' to start construction 26 March
    13 - 15 November 2018  
The assessment report responds to the issues raised by objectors to the development and recommends that the project proceeds with conditions. [REDWatch] Click on the image for all the documents.
transcripts are available of all the meetings at this page:  
    14 May 2018  

The AHC has submitted its response.
The DPE will prepare its assessment report and recommendations
over the next 6-8 weeks and then pass it on to the Independent
Planning Commission for a hearing and determination. [REDWatch]
    14 September - 27 October 2017  
    3 June 2017  
    29 January 2017 / 9 March 2017  
AHC seeks student housing changes to fund Pemulwuy Project
REDWatch update | SSH article 14/2
AHC media releases
SSH 4 April Time for tough decisions | Funding
AHC Community presentation [powerpoint]
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In 1973 the AHC formed in direct response to the widespread discrimination Aboriginal people experienced in the private rental market. The lack of affordable housing for Redfern's increasing Aboriginal population and general racial discrimination in the private housing market resulted in a group squatting in empty terraces in Louis Street Redfern, in the latter months of 1972. In November that year, police arrested 15 squatters. They were released in the care of Father Ted Kennedy at St Vincent’s Church in Redfern. Fr Kennedy housed the goomies in the church hall, but when the number of homeless people living in the church grew to over 50 South Sydney Council exerted great pressure on Fr Kennedy to evict them.

Fr Ted Kennedy teamed up with Aboriginal leaders including Bob Bellear and his brother Sol. The Builder Labourers Federation imposed a green ban on the Louis Street site prohibiting the owner from demolishing and redeveloping the houses.

The squatters organised themselves and formed The Aboriginal Housing Company. A grant of $530,000 from the newly elected Whitlam government allowed the AHC to purchase and restore the first six houses. 

NAA_1.jpg  NAA_2.jpg  NAA_3.jpg

When the Fraser Coalition government was elected in 1975, a year later it terminated capital works funding to the project. Without financial assistance the Block descended into disrepair. By the early 1980s the Aboriginal Housing Company had acquired almost half the properties on the Block and with another change of federal government (Hawke/Keating) came renewed support for Redfern’s Aboriginal community. In 1994 the last house on the Block was finally owned by the Aboriginal Housing Company.


A Condensed History of the Block in Redfern
Material from the Gary Foley Collection
    2002 - 2007 Our Oral histories  
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  dreaming the block
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Pemulwuy on the Block [ABC Encounter] 2009
Jack Callaghan, Mick Mundine, Lily Shearer, Col James, Peter Lonergan, Julie Cracknell, Angie Pitts, Lani Tuitavake, Edmund Campion and Elizabeth Farrelly
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All The best - The Block
Yvonne Phillips | Shane - Family&Culture days| Lionel | Gym | AHC | St Vincent Church | Mahalia | Gathering Place
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NITV Tuesday 1st July 2014

THE SATURDAY PAPER  12th July 2014

Updates August 2015
Court report
NITV - Lorna Munro 26/8 | Jenny Munro 4/9
Funding call out | Funding SMH 27/8
    In-development 2015-2018 Carriageworks  
photograph 1974 NAA
The Redfern Block project

Black housing book  edited by Robert W. Bellear pp.4-5 Amber Press May 1976

Evictees formed a mop and bucket brigade
to cleanup the houses in December 1972

??? Henry Wallace ?? Bobbie Perry ?
Another is Donald Solomon, other people at the time were Cyril
Boney, Jasper McGregor Grey, Kenny Fraser, Joe Mick,
 Frank Kyle, John Kyle, Wilfred Morton, Rodney Connors,
Gladys McAvoy, George Villaflor.  [names from Kaye Bellear]

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