Tuesday, February 27, 2024  

f i l m s

This is a list of films about, set in, or with a connection to Redfern. Any more?


S  H  O  R  T     B  L  A  C  K     F  I  L  M  S

  • Desiree's decision
  • Dim crims
  • Jesus of Marrickville
  • Silent
  • Helen and Troy
  • Poolin' around
  • Kid Redfern
  • Fight for your blood
  • B.L.A.C.K WireMC
  • Max-a-million
  • Dream
  • It's black it's white
  • Suffering and smiling

 C o n t a c t   V  i  n c e n t  M c M a n u s 
 s  h  o  r  t  b  l  a  c  k   i  l  m  s    a t    g  m  a  i  l  .  c  o  m


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