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    July 2019  

Mum Shirl - Black Saint of Redfern
Elaine Syron photos @ Cooee Art Gallery 4-27 July
    May 2019  
hEAd oN photo festival
Hidden shame: Confronting Deaths in Custody hEAd oN
ISJA's reflection - final analysis and conclusions

silent marches for Deaths in Custody - ongoing
    20 March 2019  

Angeline Penrith by Jessica Hromas: semi-finalist
2019 Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize
    July 2018  
Deadly women of Redfern

exhibition by Barbara McGrady @ NCIE
Aunty Barb on Speaking Outflyer 9-20 July


Barbara McGrady - black perspective through the lens
    June 2018  

State Library - free exhibition to 17 June 2018
Photographs of the Waterloo area, about to change
    3 November - 9 December 2017  
Barbara McGrady: Always Will Be
curated by Sandy Edwards

retrospective photography exhibition

Looking through the lens with an Aboriginal perspective [NITV]
Gary Foley was LIVE


online educational resource from NITV
    August 2017  
Down the barrel: Indigenous resistance
The Photography of Elaine Syron
Verge Gallery exhibition August 3-26

A Day of Conversations

photos by Barbara McGrady
this was filmed - watch online
    September 2016  

The land rights photography of Elaine Syron [ALC]

Elaine Syron - biography and photography collections
    1 - 31 July 2016  

Elaine at 'Talk the Change/Change the Talk'
    22 June - 8 June 2014  
hEAd oN photo festival

Redfern107 22/05/2014 - 8/06/2014

I would buy ... 10 years on
Rebecca Hickey
Marilyn Hickey
Kathy Hickey
Cynthia Hickey
Bianca Hickey
Greg Walford
Victor Walford
Kirsty Hickey
Elizabeth Warning

    29 July 2014  
Eveleigh Street collection: Elaine Pelot Syron
Keeping Place meeting 6.30
includes many boxes of Elaine's Redfern photos
a treasure trove that needs support
    Brenda Croft  

Redfern in the '90s, photographs by Brenda Croft
Art Gallery 6 April – 15 October 2013

Watch on YouTube
Daniel Browning with Brenda L Croft, Suzanne Ingram,
Bonny Briggs, Jody Chester, Mary Mumbulla, Tim Bishop
    Barbara McGrady  
Desperate measures NITV 2013
Desperate measures NITV 2013
    2005 I spy  
    21 December 1996 - 4 May 1997  

Elaine's photo of Vernon Chilly who grew up in Mum Shirl's home in Redfern

Guwanyi: stories of the Redfern Aboriginal community was exhibited at the Museum of Sydney, 21 December 1996 – 4 May 1997. The exhibition was curated by Brad Webb, with assistance from Paul Jones, Shane Phillips and Cathy Craigie, using the work of four photographers: two Aboriginal – Brenda L Croft and Michael Riley, and two non-Aboriginal – Roger Parton and Elaine Kitchener (now Elaine Pelot Syron). A booklet of the same name as the exhibition was published and contains essays and interviews with people from Redfern.
1 For the Mob, Brad Webb , 1996 prose
2 Redfern, Cathy Craigie , 1996 prose
3 Interview with Shane Phillips by Brad Webb
4 Michael Riley, interviewed by Brad Webb
5 Brenda Croft, interviewed by Brad Web
Links:    Museum of Sydney exhibition     |     Review written by Kellee Nolan

Guwanyi ['to tell'] is also in our oral history section
    Michael Riley 1960 - 2004  

35 of Michael Riley's photographs were in Guwanyi

'They are really just snapshots. I didn’t go out to try and compose these
 photos – they are just snapshots of people in a certain time and place.
Blackfellas love it when they have their photographs taken by people that they know.
They pose up real big when you pull the camera out – especially family.'

Bonny Briggs & Matthew Cook, Aboriginal Community Health Services, Pitt St, Redfern
'Conference call' Biennale exhibition by Brenda Croft

We are brothers [Mark Tedeschi]

Portraits 1981-1984 / photographed by Penny Tweedie
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