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Aunty Barb McGrady photographs @ Australian Museum
  The mind behind the lens

Barbara McGrady in the 2020 Bienniale
 'Remembering TJ'(would have turned 34) @BarbsMac

video installation in Campbelltown with John Janson-Moore

Caretakers of culture in the time of coronavirus
    1 - 17 May 2020  
hEAd oN photo festival
Belinda Mason & Dixie Link Gordon - Artist talk 6/5

b r e a k i n g s i l e n t c o d e s . c o m . a u
    July 2019  

Mum Shirl - Black Saint of Redfern
Elaine Syron photos @ Cooee Art Gallery 4-27 July
    May 2019  
hEAd oN photo festival
Hidden shame: Confronting Deaths in Custody hEAd oN
ISJA's reflection - final analysis and conclusions

silent marches for Deaths in Custody - ongoing
    20 March 2019  

Angeline Penrith by Jessica Hromas: semi-finalist
2019 Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize
    July 2018  
Deadly women of Redfern

exhibition by Barbara McGrady @ NCIE
Aunty Barb on Speaking Outflyer 9-20 July


Barbara McGrady - black perspective through the lens
    June 2018  

State Library - free exhibition to 17 June 2018
Photographs of the Waterloo area, about to change
    3 November - 9 December 2017  
Barbara McGrady: Always Will Be
curated by Sandy Edwards

retrospective photography exhibition

Looking through the lens with an Aboriginal perspective [NITV]
Gary Foley was LIVE


online educational resource from NITV
    August 2017  
Down the barrel: Indigenous resistance
The Photography of Elaine Syron
Verge Gallery exhibition August 3-26

A Day of Conversations

photos by Barbara McGrady
this was filmed - watch online
    September 2016  

The land rights photography of Elaine Syron [ALC]

Elaine Syron - biography and photography collections
    1 - 31 July 2016  

Elaine at 'Talk the Change/Change the Talk'
    22 June - 8 June 2014  
hEAd oN photo festival

Redfern107 22/05/2014 - 8/06/2014

I would buy ... 10 years on
Rebecca Hickey
Marilyn Hickey
Kathy Hickey
Cynthia Hickey
Bianca Hickey
Greg Walford
Victor Walford
Kirsty Hickey
Elizabeth Warning

    29 July 2014  
Eveleigh Street collection: Elaine Pelot Syron
Keeping Place meeting 6.30
includes many boxes of Elaine's Redfern photos
a treasure trove that needs support

Redfern in the '90s, photographs by Brenda Croft
Art Gallery 6 April – 15 October 2013

Watch on YouTube
Daniel Browning with Brenda L Croft, Suzanne Ingram,
Bonny Briggs, Jody Chester, Mary Mumbulla, Tim Bishop
Desperate measures NITV
Desperate measures: Barbara McGrady [NITV]

Sydney Elders at the Australian Museum
exhibition of photographs by Mervyn Bishop
    2005 I spy  
    21 December 1996 - 4 May 1997  

Elaine's photo of Vernon Chilly who grew up in Mum Shirl's home in Redfern

Guwanyi: stories of the Redfern Aboriginal community was exhibited at the Museum of Sydney, 21 December 1996 – 4 May 1997. The exhibition was curated by Brad Webb, with assistance from Paul Jones, Shane Phillips and Cathy Craigie, using the work of four photographers: two Aboriginal – Brenda L Croft and Michael Riley, and two non-Aboriginal – Roger Parton and Elaine Kitchener (now Elaine Pelot Syron). A booklet of the same name as the exhibition was published and contains essays and interviews with people from Redfern.
1 For the Mob, Brad Webb , 1996 prose
2 Redfern, Cathy Craigie , 1996 prose
3 Interview with Shane Phillips by Brad Webb
4 Michael Riley, interviewed by Brad Webb
5 Brenda Croft, interviewed by Brad Web
Links:    Museum of Sydney exhibition     |     Review written by Kellee Nolan

Guwanyi ['to tell'] is also in our oral history section

The big deal is black
♠️ - Brenda Croft @ ACP

Bonny Briggs & Matthew Cook, Aboriginal Community Health Services, Pitt St, Redfern
'Conference call' Biennale exhibition by Brenda Croft
    Michael Riley 1960 - 2004  

Guwanyi: stories of the Redfern Aboriginal community

'They are really just snapshots. I didn’t go out to try and compose these
 photos – they are just snapshots of people in a certain time and place.
Blackfellas love it when they have their photographs taken by people that they know.
They pose up real big when you pull the camera out – especially family.' 1980s

Sights unseen Pt 1 - Grant Leigh Saunders' film

We are brothers [Mark Tedeschi]

Eveleigh St

More of the Peoples History - Going through my massive archive of pics and came across these that I took around 1986. Very historic images now, featuring some of the most famous black political and cultural operators of that era, Bruce McGuinness, Bob Maza, Sol Bellear, Mac Silva, Freddy Reynolds, and for a while in the 60s, the King of Redfern, Kenny Brindle. With Lachie Ingram & Phyllis Harrison. Foley
Portraits 1981-1984 / photographed by Penny Tweedie

Isobel Coe at Murawina

Richard Pacey (with Auntie Phyllis Hickey?)
slow to load

25.5.1967 - Five-year-old Victor Hookey (left),
and six-year-old Mark Anthony were photographed
yesterday playing in a Chippendale laneway. [SMH]

The Redfern All Blacks in 1946 | SLNSW Ronald Briggs
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