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Living and working on Gadigal land. SSH/CoS curated by Norma Ingram

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    2023 YarnUp  
MORE at the Centre for Volunteering
    25 January 2023  
Last day of freedom
    1 October 2022  

Uncle Terry Denzil, Aunty Deb Daley & Vanessa Edwige
    October 2022  

Powerful community yarning circle 🙏🏾👣🙏🏼

and the result

collection of stories with a walking tour map

and podcasts
    2021 - 2022  


MEMORY LANE Stories from Redfern

MEMORY LANE Stories from Glebe


Weekly story-sharing for seniors | Counterpoint
    August 2022  
    22 May 2021 - 27 January 2022  

now online
most important show | Barb's launch photos

Curators in conversation - Dr Mariko Smith & Laura McBride

reviewed by Honi Soit
Meredith Burgmann & Nadia Wheatley's interviews
include Bronwyn Penrith, Gary Foley & Gary Williams
- stories of their lives, and their Redfern years.
    4 April 2021  

A history of Aboriginal Rugby League in NSW | SpeakingOut

Sydney Elders is now online | State Library
    2020 - 2021  

Waterloo redevelopment - mixed perspectives | Counterpoint

a study of 45 years of news reporting
study | book | podcasts | seminar 1 | seminar 4
    6 November 2020  

call out for people to tell their yarns
contact Lorna & Mary Munro [@21m]


more on Foley's Kooriweb & GooriWeb
    4-14 September 2019  
S U R V I V A L  G U I D E  T A K E O V E R
Lorna Munro & Joel Spring with Radio SkidRow @ 107

sneak peak photo shoot by deadly Sista Gabi Briggs

listen - Radio SkidRow recorded live

watch highlights
two new initiatives
    2018 - 2019  

Lorna Munro & Joel Spring - 2018 | 2019

Foley talks about the Aboriginal History Archive
    2 April 2019  

'Footprints' doco - Australian South Sea Islanders
Shireen Malamoo, the Minniecon family, Waskam Emelda Davis ..
    25 January 2019  

stories & interviews from Lorna Munro, RadioSkidRow

There goes our neighbourhood film
 WPHAG Waterloo Public Housing Action Group
In The University of Sydney's Cultural Competence course,
Redfern is used as a case study. Shane Phillips and Joel
Spring are two examples of people who were interviewed.

Down the barrel: Indigenous resistance
The photography of Elaine Syron [Verge Gallery]

A day of conversations - watch online
R e d f e r n   M u r a l   G a t h e r i n g

transcript | video
interactive website taken down :(
but BOOK shows contents

Story Factory's 'Mapping the stories of Redfern'

Video interviews with Gordon Briscoe, Christine Donnelly, Dulcie Flower,
Daryl Griffin, Dixie Link, Billy McPherson, Allen Madden, Chicka Madden,
Mick Mundine, Paul Morris, Shane Phillips
and more ......
from Sydney Uni, check out
| ADT | ALS | AMS | AHC | EORA | FAA | Gym | Mudgin-gal | RAB | TribalWarrior ... ................................................................................................................................................
Heidi Norman - Economic development in Redfern

                         Heidi surveying Walker Street with Lesley Townsend                   
The Black Heart of Redfern [ABC Speaking Out]
Black heart of Redfern doesn't miss a beat [SMH]
    13 February 2008  

Apology to the Stolen Generations - at Redfern | CoS
    2005 - 2009  

Tour of beauty RedfernWaterloo  | Squatspace
    1993 - 1994  
South Sydney Social History
by Sue Rosen for South Sydney City Council
oral histories online | videos | book
    1992 The Redfern Address  

Redfern Speech 30 years on | ABC Radio
🔵 A W A Y E: It begins with recognition
🔵 On the eve, the speechwriter Don Watson reflects
🔵 Linda Burney recalls what it was like to hear it

Remembering the Redfern Speech ABC | Guardian | NIT

In 2017 Sol Bellear recalled the occasion | ALC
the full speech video | transcript
see also these organisations
    Aboriginal Legal Service  
Aboriginal Legal Service
celebrating 40 years of the ALS, 1970-2010
    Aboriginal Medical Service  

download PDF

Naomi Mayers [film] 2001
t h e   f i r s t   n u r s e s

    Alexandria Redfern Waterloo  

Memories of Alexandria Redfern Waterloo - facebook group
    Babana Men's Group  
and see also
    Black Theatre  

Darlene Johnson's film about the Black Theatre 1972-77

Gerry & Lester BostockBryan Brown, Aileen Corpus, Max Cullen, Lillian Crombie,
Gary Foley
, Marcia Langton, Lisa & Rachel Maza, Bronwyn Penrith, Bindi Williams
    Deadly Connections  

NIT spotlighting strong, powerful Blak women. Carly
@ Deadly Connections taking mob on healing journeys
see also Keenan Mundiine
    Jumbunna Institute @ UTS  

Larissa talks about their community research
Part 1
    Kinchela Boys Home  
Richard Campbell, Cecil Bowden, Manuel Ebsworth
Kinchela stories 2017 - SMH | ABC

'We were just little boys' - animation, song, tribute
    Koori Knockout, see also Redfern All Blacks [RAB]  

History of the Knockout - Heidi Norman [2016]

Speaking Out [2018]

                         RAB player, Mick William's leaps over a team-mate. Redfern Oval, September, 1946
History of Aboriginal Rugby League in NSW [SpeakingOut 2021]

We talk to some of the men who started it all.🏉🖤💛❤️ ThePoint 2022

Celebrating the history of the Knockout @slnsw | AWAYE
    Land Council  

30 years of the Aboriginal Land Rights Act NSW
celebrated with stories of those who contributed [2013]
    Mac Silva Centre  

'The Mac Silva Centre; an oral history project' 1994
by Sylvia Scott & Di Ritch - download the book
    Mardi Gras  

Bonny Briggs & Tim Bishop on Speaking Out
The history of Indigenous participation in
the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras [2017]
see also our page on Koori Gras
    Moogahlin Performing Arts  

Founders | Liza-Mare Syron, Frederick Copperwaite, Lily Shearer

  Company in Conversation
Australian Theatre Forum, Seymour Centre [2015]

A dance movement: the precursor to Bangarra [Awaye]
An oral history as told by students & teachers [2016]
    Redfern All Blacks [RAB] see also Koori Knockout  

Rob Welsh talks about the RAB song, with U7s singing
'We keep the ball in motion' 2009
    Tent embassy - 26 January 2017  

Gary Foley - the early days of the Tent Embassy [BBC]
    Tranby @ Glebe  
    Tribal Warrior  

Shane Phillips [ABC Overnights] 2019
see also Shane's links

WEAVE - stories - sharing lived experiences
    Women's Reconciliation Network  
see also these people
    Gavin Badger  

What Indigenous Round means to referee Gavin Badger
    Jarin Baigent  

Jarin interviewed by Gary Jubelin - Part 1 | Part 2
Meet the mob - Jarin interviewed by Kristal Kinsela
    Tiga Bayles  

a tribute from Kaiyu
    Larissa Behrendt  

We, the city - Larissa Behrendt 2022
    Sol Bellear 1950 - 2017  

Speaking Out 16th October 2016
see also NSWALC staff profile
    Black Santa - Doc Cunningham  

Black Santa - Doc [Syd] Cunningham 1922-1999
The Santas of Sydney's Christmas past [DictSyd]

plaque at Newtown IGA
1982 ANZAC of the Year

photos - 1980 | 1986

    Lester Bostock  

NITV Our stories Season 1 Episode 18
    Cecil Bowden [1939-2018]  

Stolen generations testimonies - Kinchela Boys Home
    Ken Brindle  
    Sonya Brindle  

Black & white perspective on life in the Block [SMH]
The real neighbours  [film Wai Yuen Chong USyd] link gone

Vale Pruny | South Sydney Herald 12/3/21
    Ken Canning  

Desperate Measures S2 Ep15 n/a

Uncaptured: A poet's journey [AFTRS project 2018]
    Stephen 'Sonboy' Carr  

Stephen 'Sonboy' Carr, see also MUSIC ♫♪♫
🔥2017 invite to Atlanta Redfern hometown
🔥2019 a mini doco was made with ReachOut
    Wally Carr 1954-2019  

My longest round: The life story of Wally Carr [book]
Ringside with Wally [NIT]
    Kevin Cooke  
photo courtesy of Gary Foley
by Paul Torzillo & Heather Goodall | The Age
    Billy Craigie  

Billy Craigie: Gamilaraay warrior [Gooriweb]
    Marlene Cummins  
    Daniel Daylight with Kobie Dee  
    Chicka Dixon  
    Nadeena Dixon  

In conversation - Creative women - 11 March 2017
Nadeena with Kristina
@107 - Connection in challenging times 23 Feb 2022
    Ashlee Donohue  

Positively remarkable people 2014
    Jennah Dungay  

Because of them, we must – Jennah Dungay [2018]
    Raymond Finn  

Interview with Raymond Finn [Koori Radio Nov 2018]
    Richard Green [1963c-2021]  
    TJ Hickey  

    TJ - Links  
    Adam Hill / Blak Douglas  
    Lee Hookey  

Lee Hookey | Deadly Vibe
    Millie ingram  
In 2016 Millie spoke with Larissa

Refusing to accept being sacked led to a lifetime of Aboriginal activism.

Nan Millie 🎙️Blak Matters🎙️ for NAIDOC 2023 | Teela&MC
    Norma Ingram  

Norma Ingram // Out of the Box with Joey Watson [FBi]

Norma Ingram - My Souths story
see also Murawina | Country Style magazine 2016 p.3
  2018 First State Super Lifetime Achievement Award [SSH]
    Raymond Ingrey, LaPa  

Deep Listening: Stories of Country - Ep6 Ray Ingrey, LaPa
    Pam Jackson  

Introducing Pam Jackson [SSH]
    Ray Jackson  
    Roy Kennedy  
    John Lester  
    Jimmy Little  

'Jimmy Little: A Yorta Yorta man' by Frances Peters-Little 2023
Frances talks on Koori Radio | Speaking Out | review SMH
includes living in Redfern in the 50s, &jamming sessions
    Barbara McGrady  
>Desperate measures NITV 2013
Desperate measures S1 Ep 10 [2013]

Always will be [NITV/ACP 2017]
Speaking Out [2018]
    Catriona McKenzie  

Sydney Oral Histories
    Charles [Chicka] Madden  

A family history in 'A history of Aboriginal Sydney'
    Lily Madden  

1. Lilly Madden and Elders at the AMS [Michael Riley]
2. Interview with Lily about Baryugil in scrapbook
see also
Lily Madden in Murawina; Women of high achievement
    Bob Maza  

Mum Shirl interviewed Bob Maza in 1986.
    Merrits & Robinsons - footy families  
Nathan Merritt

The Merritts of keeping footy in the family

Redfern business owner takes charge - Tony Merritt
Indigenous business - Boomerang Batteries ONDEMAND2018

Passions collide for Robinson [SMH 2012]
    Ray Minniecon  
    Tom & Dennis Moffatt  
    Jeffrey Morgan  

Jeffrey Morgan's journey | The Real
Chatting with Gary Jubelin - Part 1 | Part 2
    Anthony Mundine  

Anh's brush with fame - Season 1 2016
    Keenan Mundine  
    Jenny Munro  

Legends of land rights [NSWALC]
    Lyall Munro  

2012 Stories from a meeting place [SBS]   
2016 Pulling down fences [Griffith Review]
in loving memory of Lyall's father
Lyall Snr, Moree 30/9/31-21/5/20
    Naomi Mayers  
 🌟 video package 🌟 

 award presentation

Celebrating with our award winning elder @ AMS
    Angeline Penrith  
Blak Out Radio:
Angeline Penrith

is yarning with
Aaliyah Jade Bradbury

part of AMPLIFY 2023:
Story, Resistance, Radio
    Richard Phillips-aka Dick Blair  
'Heart of the fight' watch online

+ Dick Blair: Getting to the heart of the man [NITV]

with Col James 22 February 1973 [ABC]
    Shane Phillips  

Shane Phillips,
see also Tribal Warrior
Redfern yarns in
A History of Aboriginal Sydney
2013 Australian of the year- Local Hero
& video
2013 Charles Perkins Oration -
Youth in our community

Becoming a warrior
play | download
| Healing the rift
play | download
    Yvonne Phillips  

Stories from a meeting place [SBS]
SBS hasn't kept this website running, we hope that they restore it.


Residents from The Block are refusing to move. ABC 2010
    Hazem Sedda  
    Clarence Sibley  
filmed by Trixie Barretto in 2008, photo by Mitchell T Gillen
Trixie Barretto decided to say Hi
    Mac Silva  

Music, Mac and Malabar Mansion
Tracker article by Gary Foley 2013
see also  Mac Silva Centre  | Black Lace
    Taleena Simon  

‘Never give up’ – Athlete profile: Taleena Simon
    Ross Smith  
    Beryl Van Oploo  

Aunty Beryl Van-Oploo
Welcome to Redfern
| 2012
    Margaret Vincent 1991  

Auntie Polly Smith Centre, CDEP & community garden
    Maureen Watson  
Maureen Watson mostly lived in Queensland,
but in the 1980s she lived with her family in Redfern.
At one time they lived next door to The Settlement.

Aboriginal People's Gallery 1980 interview | transcript

co-founder of Radio Redfern
2 live 2 deadly - film
2 live 2 deadly - transcript
Tiga in 'Indigenous media'
4 generations of black storytellers
Kaiyu's waiting

    Yvonne Weldon  

Reckoning with our history - Yvonne Weldon 15 Aug 2022
    Rick Welsh  

Rick Welsh - Lunch at The Shed @ Mt Druitt | LSJ
    Claude Williams  

Claude Williams - black diamond [The Guardian]
    Pamela Young  

A history of Aboriginal Sydney
    2011 Leanne Haines, Becs Riley, Kiarna & Kameliah Dungay  

Performance Space WALK
    Olive McGuiness & Eva Bell (later Eva Mumbler)  
Olive & Eva
Recording pioneers
Sunday 6 July 2014
ABC RN RareCollections

Their 1956 recordings were the first commercially available discs released
by an all Indigenous act.

This ABC episode is built around an interview with
Maisie Cavanagh, sister of Eva and cousin of Olive.

BENNELONG REVEALED The man behind the myth
|Pauline Clague

Pemulwuy - A War of Two Laws | Grant Leigh Saunders
    View or print a booklet  
our oral histories
    More Oral histories and stories available elsewhere  
    Ongoing projects  
other projects, not online
    28 November 2014  

[ film, music, dance, writing, storytelling, discussions, comedy, Koori Radio ... ]

Donna Ingram's grassroots history of Redfern
Moogahlin Players portraying people of the past
Lorna's poetry | Nadeena/Tim's ♪♫♫ | elder circles
    27-29 September 2014  
    1 July - 29 August 2014  

Through Our Eyes: A Sydney story of contemporary black dance (1972-1979)

Surry Hills Library

Photographic display: 1 July- 29 August

Launch: Thursday 17 July

Carole Johnson tells the story from its beginnings in Redfern.

LIVE and DEADLY; 20 years of the
Gadigal Information Service

- celebration exhibition combining personal archives,
commissioned film, radio recordings, photography
27th June - 1st August, 2013

sound lounge
★★★★★ L O T S of stories ★★★★★
Curl up and get comfy in a caravan, spend some time in the black capital,
watch a bit of telly, and hear local people talk about Redfern.
Be inspired!



Sydney stories - Rhonda Dixon-Grovenor;
The life of an Indigenous entertainer
    9 September 2010  

Through Their Eyes.jpg

    2010 The Mundines  

Scrapbook has family photos & interview with Lily
    21 December 1996 - 4 May 1997  

Guwanyi: Stories of Redfern Aboriginal Community

Guwanyi [to tell] was exhibited at the Museum of Sydney, 21 December 1996 – 4 May 1997. The exhibition was curated by Brad Webb, with assistance from Paul Jones, Shane Phillips and Cathy Craigie, using the work of four photographers: two Aboriginal – Brenda L Croft and Michael Riley, and two non-Aboriginal – Roger Parton and Elaine Kitchener (now Elaine Pelot Syron). A booklet of the same name as the exhibition was published and contains essays and interviews with people from Redfern.
1 For the Mob, Brad Webb , 1996 prose
2 Redfern, Cathy Craigie , 1996 prose
3 Interview with Shane Phillips by Brad Webb
4 Michael Riley, interviewed by Brad Webb
5 Brenda Croft, interviewed by Brad Webb
Other boundaries: Inner-city Aboriginal stories
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