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    early 1990s  

Eveleigh St mural, photo courtesy State Library
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t   i  m   e  l   i   n  e
    1980 - ?  

Aboriginal People's Gallery - Maureen Watson

40,000 years mural on Redfern Bridge by Carol Ruff
click on the image for the restoration in 2018
Sydney Community Billboard Arts Project

Think globally, act locally
public art squad | the park

1 Edward Street on Vine
one of The Settlement houses
    1987 - 2005  

The Settlement Neighbourhood Centre
by Jeff Samuels, Fiona Foley and Sheryl Parnell
    1980s - 90s  

The Settlement splashed paint on all the inside walls

Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Co-operative was formed
in late 1987 by ten Sydney-based Aboriginal artists.
It was also located in Cleveland and Abercrombie St,
before moving in 1997 to Annandale then Leichhardt.

Railway View Hotel then AHC [Mervyn Fitzhenry n/a]

PCYC 638 Elizabeth St by Michael Byrt & community


NUAA & The Settlement -  'say k NO w'

Mum Shirl [1921-1998] by Gordon Syron
    2000 - 2019  
Redfern Aboriginal flag mural restored [SMH 25.1.14]

Alex Tui put this up in 2000

Adam Hill [aka Blak Douglas] @ RCC

'Mission boy blues' by Roy Kennedy at Wyanga
Roy Kennedy: artist [film]
    2007 - 2010  

SMH 13/11/08
Gordon & Elaine Syron's Keeping Place


United we stand, divided we fail the future

memories - most kids climbed this tree to get
their ball back from one of the yards ... Shane

repping the boys that have passed away
couple of young fellas there died under police hands

Danny Eastwood - memories of growing up in Waterloo

How soon they forget: The art of Roy Kennedy [book & web]

Redfern Fire Station mural project
This painting is a dedication I did for exhibition at naisda in 2012. the old fighter is keith b saunders my friend and his older life trained guys like anthony mundine, mark hunt, alex tui, solomon omono and so on. he boxed with sands brothers, freddy dorsen etc.and he still had plenty of time to try and help me. best man I ever had pleasure to meet...
Stephen A. Floyd [n/a]

36 Caroline St painted up to launch the Eora Journey
the house | Awaye | photos | Move it mob style

Angeline, Bronwyn, Ray, Chicka and others introduce the Eora Journey
Redfern Station Community Group formed
SSH article
End of year student exhibition | Eora College

Marlene Cummins' 'Desert pea' finalist in the Parliament of NSW Aboriginal Art Award

Mana Ngurang - Gathering Place @ RCC
Nicole Monks, Chicka Madden and Dirk Anderson

Citywest Housing - Platform Apartments @ Eveleigh
    9 July 2015  
Archibald Prize finalist

Adam Hill
(aka Blak Douglas)

Smoke and mirrors
(Uncle Max Eulo)
    13 November 2015  

Redfern Mural Gathering
full TRANSCRIPT available | Matt Poll's with images

Jenny Munro mural by Adnate

On the couch with Blak Douglas [Arts Review] | fb blakspotgallery

Knockout mural in Leichhardt: Speaking out | photos

Solid Ground - Alex Park Community School

Anh's brush with fame - Anthony Mundine

Naomi Mayers, Teggs Lane Chippendale #sydneystreetart

Strawberry Hills Post Office

Through the communities’ eyes

Chico Monks [78-19] on being a curator [2018 photo]

mystery tagger in Cope Street

Archibald finalist
Uncle Roy Kennedy
by Adam (aka Blak Douglas) Hill
Stories of the people behind the faces [Tele]

Dennis Golding's t-shirt design for NCIE

What remains by Daniel Boyd 2016
ALS photo by Guido Van Helten 2015
This is How We League, NRL by Sid Tapia 2018

Shields by Chicka Madden & Jonathan Jones

Aunty Esme Timbery - by Blak Douglas
Archibald finalist | the honour & the hard yakka
interviewed for Talking with painters

Blak Douglas, Elaine Russell's last painting - Wynne

exhibition  🌴 🌺 🙏🏿 💃🏿  bio
    January 2020  

Dennis Golding in residence @ AlexPark-Solid Ground

designing symbols & decorating superhero capes

Taleena's digital art [n/a]
    July 2020  

protesting deaths in custody on Cleveland St

    August 2020  

Here is a heap of photos of the TinHumpy mural I was
painting with the help of Jamie & John. | Danny
    August 2020  

@ visit The garden path
    21 September 2020  
Archibald finalists

Blak Douglas - Writing in the sand: Dujuan Hoosan

Thea Anamara Perkins - Poppy Madden
    31 October 2020  

stories behind the mural created by Aunty Kathryn
Dodd Farrawell & local community @ GlebeYouthService
    7 December 2020  

Blak Douglas & #ThatChristmas | ABC
    12 November 2020  

First indigenous arts fellowship for 100 years
    Mardi Gras 2021  

sharing of personal & cultural stories through art
an important vehicle for change | Dennis Golding
    7 March 2021  

Bangala / water carriers at Green Square, originally
sand dunes and swamps that led into the Cooks River.
    9 March 2021  

Check out our very own Taleena Simon's headgear design 🔴⚫️🟡RAB
    March - April 2021  

CoS supporting creatives, ideas submitted by
Redfern & Darlington residents, featuring
people supporting one another ♥️ Auntie Beryl 🌟🌱
with Settlement youth & Marie Bashir - 132 Wilson

New mural celebrates local connections | SSH
We appreciate everything you do, Aunt 🖤💛❤️ NCIE
    19 February - 19 April 2021  
    28 April 2021  

Me and my grandkids thanks Scott | Gail Hickey
This years Archibald prize entry 🤞🏼| Scott Marsh
    1 June 2021  
    5 June - 26 September 2021  
  Archie 100
  Art Gallery NSW
  Local heroes

My brother Mac Silva
by Robert Campbell
    5 June - 26 September 2021  

Blak Douglas on the other side of the canvas
artist Euan Macleod - Archibald finalist
    11 June 2021  

not an archie but winner of the Vincent Prize
 watch the announcement by Blak Douglas @ DUCKRABBIT
    3 - 28 November 2021  

The future is here - Solid Ground - Alex Pk & Dennis Golding
@ Carriageworks | but wait there is more @ MGNSW
Ten questions with Dennis
    29 November 2021  

Studio visit: with Thea Anamara Perkins
    2021 - 2022  

Nadeena Dixon connecting GreenSquare community @107
Interview with Nadeena - connection in challenging times
    6 - 30 April 2022  
    5 - 13 May 2022  

BlakDouglas & Karla - Archibald win | ABC | announced
    25 May 2022  

Sally Goold, AMS co-founder by Kisani Upward
    28 May 2022  

bara by Judy Watson unveiled, honouring the Gadigal
- part of City of Sydney's Eora Journey
    28 October 2021 - 19 June 2022 || 16 March – 4 August, 2024.  

Dennis Golding 'Cast in cast out' Sydney Museum
🌟 talking about the installation 2020
🌟 in conversation 1 June 2022
    NAIDOC 2022  

Stand up - fly high @broadwaysydney

amazing wk from our kids!
😍 🦸🏽‍♀️ 🦸🏽‍♂️ 🖤💛❤️🔥

partnered with

Boomalli's video clip
    June - July 2022  

Art After Hours - Blak and Karla with Yumi Stynes
We, the city podcast - Conversation with Blak Douglas
Sydney Weekender - Luke @ Boomalli & chat with Blak
    5 May - 12 July 2022  

This is us  @Boomalli | Balgarra Designs
Joanne Cassady, Leeanne Hunter, Leona McGrath, Michelle Hamilton
    27 August 2022  

workshop for public artwork for Waterloo Station
    9 November 2022  

Patyegarang & William Dawes @501WilsonSt | FintanMagee
    16 November 2022  

Weave discovered some artworks honouring 'The Shop'.
    7 December 2022  

Artist profile: Louise Corpus, Waterloo | SSH
    14 December - 12 February 2023  

Thea Anamara Perkins: Stockwoman
mural @ Carriageworks | Who was Hetty? ABCArts
    7 January 2023  

memories - first mural down the block - always groups
sitting around so I did this quick | Danny
    March 2023  

Thea Anamara Perkins - La Prairie Art Award
    24 March - 23 July 2023  
T h e  N a t i o n a l @ArtGalleryNSW

Brenda L. Croft - Naabami Barangaroo Speaking Out

Thea Anamara Perkins - Lhere [flow)
    April 2023  

mural @Wyanga by Thea - Sylvia Scott, Sonny Edwards, Megs Silva
    27 April 2023  

Archibald finalists announced
Luke Cornish's portrait of Yvonne - Barrambiyarra (Awaken)
    29 June - 5 August 2023  

Vicki and Dennis Golding 𝘞𝘩𝘢𝘵 𝘢 𝘭𝘪𝘵𝘵𝘭𝘦 𝘺𝘢𝘳𝘯 𝘤𝘢𝘯 𝘥𝘰
includes Dennis' Block paintings, @ Boomalli
    August 2023  

grandson of Gail Hickey

mural by
Scottie and Jonhtia

cnr Redfern St & Chalmers

click and play video

    13 October 2023  

Dennis Golding, Eveleigh Street - James Makin Gallery Award
    16 December 2023  

When you open Google today, you’ll see the late great Uncle Arthur Beetson.
...50 years to the day Uncle Arthur became the first Indigenous national captain.
Brad Cooke is with Mark Beetson and Blak Douglas
    2023 - 2025  

Travelling exhibition - The future is here
u  n  k  o  w   n

Corner Vine St and Evans Lane, Darlington

Caroline Street [City of Sydney archives]
h  i  s  t  o  r  i  c  a  l
    1842 / 3 July 1850  

part of 'The turning of the first turf'
at the Cleveland Paddocks in 1850
thought to be 'Dharawal people from the Illawarra or Five Islands district,
 including Moureet and William Darby (Nutangle)' | Dictionary of Sydney
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