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    23 August 2019  

Solid Ground 🌟 students from Alex Park singing
THE NEXT GENERATION ♪♫ with Marcus Corowa 🔥💥
    5 March 2019  

The Glebe Boys - Chillin at the Youthie ♫♪♫
    7 November 2018  

Finally it’s here my cds are done 😁❤️🔥 thanks
the crew lastminuteproduction ✊🏾 [Sonboy Carr]
listen on Soundcloud |  doco Redfern Hometown
    22 September 2018  

Miss the launch ? No worries, you can
download FREE or stream it here #toolivetoodeadly

music video for the single
    5 September 2018  

Stephen Carr-Saunders, 'Sonboy', is using music to
share his story about growing up on The Block [SSH]
    15 December 2017  

New CD! Yes, this beautiful thing has five tracks.
$20 plus postage, greenhandband a.t gmail ..
    6 May 2017  

Lil Son Boy Carr and his track 'Hometown'
- an ode to the one and only REDFERN!
This all went down at A Day Out On The Block!
We love our local talent. [Koori Radio]
    August 2016  


launched at the annual NAIDOC Klub Koori
    16 July 2016  

mini doco on YouTube
    2014 - 2016  

P a r
k   R d   S t u d i o

Recording with Microwave Jenny - Listen here

Dancing with Genoa Ghela [& another blog]
    26 January 2016  

Listen to Part 1 ...... & .. Part 2 on Soundcloud
    18 September 2015  

Red Dirt In Bondi: The story of Building Bridges
    7 March 2015  

'Our Pain' updated to show music video
(lyrics inspired by poetry of 'Crow'(Ian Lowe #41)
launched at Byron Bay Film Festival with the doco,
bravo to the uncles and the KBHAC crew in Redfern.
    26 January 2015  
solidarity offering

Shaun Kelly & Kween G - YouTube music clip
'different timezone | same struggle'

    Green Hand Band  

    Renegades of Munk  

Deadly Sounds June 2014 | CD on iTunes
Songs and stories
     Whichway up 2008

     1. Feel so bad
     2. Lovers blues
     3. Pemulwuy

Listen on bandcamp | myspace

Sisters Alicia and Emily Johnson, as the duo Ngaratya, cut their teeth graduating
from the Redfern Community Centre's 'On Track' music program in 2009, and
playing at local community gigs, such as the Family & Culture Day at the Block.
This CD came out of their Whichway participation in 2010 and 2011.

The Music Project Living Black

Nardi talks about her song dedicated to TJ on Awaye
The Block Rox! Lyrics by Kaiyu Bayles

(dedicated to the families past n present of Redfern Oz)

Holden Street's where my family began,
Nan hiding under the bed
From the devil man.
Mum fought her way through,
No one had it easy I knew.
Cards was the go, though
But no takin things slow. though

The full song is HERE

Gadigal  Music


Nadeena Dixon's EP Butterfly 2009                                                   

                   SBS Music project 2012

Nadeena on MySpace | Reverbnation

Aboriginal land


Central Magazine 21 January 2009
Deborah & Artie listen to Uncle Ningenah

Wednesday arvo jam - on YouTube
    Gathering Ground 2008  

Flowers & trees

One day there'll be FLOWERS & TREES
No DISEASE 4 me 2 breathe
the DRUGS, the THIEVES or the HEART that's in ME.

Reegan Carr MCRuff 12, Stephen 'Sonboy' Carr 13, Marley Dixon MCLikwid 16, producer WireMC

listen on mYspace / YouTube

    Gadigal Music 2008  
itunes .

Gadigal Music launches a recording studio and label

Gadigal Information Service which runs Koori Radio 93.7 fm, opened a recording studio and label in 2008, initially run by Michael Hutchings. Gadigal Music launched with a compilation of songwriters 'Making Waves' available in ABC shops 29/11/08. Casey Donovan, Adam James, Radical Son and Krista Pav played at the launch of the Redfern offices.
    2007 - 2009  


October 23, 2007 Hip-hop mob get their own Redfern recording label [SMH]
November 01, 2009 Aboriginal Record Label Opens in Sydney [VoA]
2009 Urban voices : the Redfern Records story
/ City of Canada Bay Council with Stephen and Nikita Ridgeway
Rock the Block
video on YouTube
A film clip using photos from Rock the Block 1 & 2,
Kids Rock the Block & Reggae on the Block
set to 'We rock the Block' performed by 'Andorra' with
'Sarcasm' - Koreena Leverett, Jared Martin & Janaiah Orcher

.......................... produced by Joel Beasant April 2014

Black footsteps - one of the acts 15/10/2006

B.L.A.C.K. An Aboriginal song of hip-hop

       Another day,  and The making of 'Another day'
Winner of Best Music Video at St Kilda Festival in 2006
& documentary about the process of making the
award winning music video at The Settlement.

Local Knowledge filmed 'Blackfellas' on the Block
    Best from the mob 2005  

The best from the mob’ is a compilation CD produced at the Redfern Community Centre – the first of many! It features a vibrant selection of tracks by Sydney-based artists, many of them Aboriginal, who used the recording facilities at RCC during 2005.


       Highlights include:

  • ‘Dreamtime Stories’ by Richie Jarrett
  • ‘My Boy’ by melodic, urban songwriter Tim Bishop
  • ‘Urban Misfitz’ by New Zealand-hailing rapping crew
    Urban Prophetz;
  • ‘Watersong’ by powerful singer and Gadigal
    language teacher Dr Greenthumb;
  • ‘Travelled So Far’ by Aboriginal-Irish songwriter
    Rhubee Neale
  • …and several other great tracks by up ’n’ coming
    local artists and community based music projects
    [RCC website notes]

Listen to
    StudioRCC 2004  

The first track recorded and produced from the
studio at Redfern Community Centre in 2004.
Lyrics: T Bishop& R Neale; Melody: T Bishop.text

Jesse Close and Raymond & Vincent West performed
'The Block' at Stand Your Ground in 2002.
All you mob CD & a YouTube clip
    Koori collective 2001  


Koori_collective_volume01 track list271.jpg

Aletha Penrith, Nick Hartley, Radical Son, Colin Quinlan, Steve Balbi, Simone Wimalaratne,
Edie Coe, Nioka Coe, Mary Munro, Angeline Penrith, Vincent Stone and Phil Williams.
Listen to Silent
    Place of peace 1999  


Hip Hop - A Place of Peace...

Place of Peace is a great hip hop compilation CD created by a group of young people who attended The Settlement for eight weeks in 1999 attending music workshops culminating in the 18 track CD of strength and vitality. The CD aired on Koori Radio and Triple J,

RAWW   | 
Listen to Creations    |   Watch the  FILM

    1990s >  

Aunty Wendy's mob

We're Koori kids
& we live down Redfern way

As I was walking down Eveleigh St
Eveleigh Street, Eveleigh Street
Some little Koori kids
I chanced to meet, Singin' ‘
Red, Black and Yellow


A lot of talent has passed through the Eora Centre ..

e.g. The Stiff Gins met there in 1997 - see this interview with Kaleena & Nardi on SBS
    1981 >  
Radio Redfern            Koori Radio
1981 - 1990                1993 > 
    1966 - 1989  
Silva Linings & Black Lace

Our page on this legendary band

    late 50s early 60s  

.Jimmy Little and (probably) Candy Williams preparing for National Aborigines Day, 14 July 1963.
Candy Williams, originally from Cowra, had been pivotal to the development of an Aboriginal music scene in Redfern, which included Jimmy Little and, later, Colin Hardy. [NADOC 1957-67]
Olive & Eva
Recording pioneers
Sunday 6 July 2014
ABC RN RareCollections

Their 1956 recordings were the first commercially available discs released
by an all Indigenous act.
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