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Tuesday, June 19, 2018  
Warami, wellama bami, budyari yaguna
Welcome, wherever you come from, good day
                                                    from language teacher Richard Green
    14 June 2018  

the#StreetsrTalkn was live with Lola on #KooriRadio
    1 June 2018  

#3 Dear tenant -
Lorna Munro & Joel Spring recap
the plans for the redevelopment of Waterloo and
the impact on residents.
- RadioSkidRow Fri 12pm
    30 May 2018  
Save Waterloo Library
sign the petition

SaveWaterlooLibrary crew at READ-IN Sat 16th June 
Council is looking at the budget. Messages from
    30 May - 24 June  
Jumbunna was LIVE at the panel discussion
Thestreetsr talkn was LIVE at the launch

Exhibition @ Boomalli -  Launch
Panel - Women, Girls & Criminal Justice System
Arts project sheds light on sorry tale [NIT]
    2-24 June 2018  

Blak Box @ Barangaroo #HumEchoChorus
Deep listening to oral histories and performances
Voices from the past speak to the present [SMH]

Surround-sound speakers, 11 artists, daydream [ABC]
    8-15 July 2018  


In tribute, we will display an original exhibition
of photographs of 'Deadly Women of Redfern' from
legendary photographer, Barbara McGrady. [NCIE]

heaps of history & deadly interviews

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Barani/Barrabugu = Yesterday/Tomorrow - Sydney walking tour
Walking in their footsteps

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