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Friday, May 22, 2015  
    21-24 May 2015  

 Lola Forester
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 Jemma Birrell
 on Koori Radio
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Give me back my mother's heart - Saturday 23rd
to see the full program, click HERE
    23 May 2015  

Why these Redfern boys will be supporting the Maroons [SMH]
    21-24 May  

2SER update on the Block dispute. Interviews with Lani Tuitavake [AHC] and Jenny Munro [RTE]. 21/5

RTE meeting 23/5
RTE concert 24/5

    23 may 2015  

Heritage Open Day - Eveleigh Railway Workshops
Hear about life at the rail yards first-hand.
    26 May 2015  
Sorry Day
is the 2015 Bringing them home scorecard report, from the National Sorry Day Committee, which was defunded this year. pic RCC
    27 May - 3 June  

new learning program Narragunnawali - NITV | ABC

    30 May 2015  

Nula Nura artists will open the doors to their studios on
Cockatoo Island and share their works-in-progress. 3-6 pm

have lunch at the
Family and culture day

and then catch a ferry
    4 June 2015  

    11 June 2015  
    1-27 June 2015  
Battle of Waterloo

Wharf Theatre, written by Kylie Coolwell
first presented at the Redfern Salon

    7 May - 28 June  

The fire burns on - hEAd oN photography exhibition
    1 May 2015  
more from the rally - speakers
Jinny Jane | Angeline | Lorna | ALL

Stop the forced closure of Aboriginal communities
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heaps of history & deadly interviews

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Paddy Gibson's
on govt policies
was filmed
    watch-online 23/3/15  
Molly's story
+ policing 






oral histories

the Block
    5-12 July 2015  
           We all Stand on
Sacred Ground:
Learn, Respect & Celebrate
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