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Friday, November 27, 2015  
Warami, wellama bami, budyari yaguna
Welcome, wherever you come from, good day
                                                    from language teacher Richard Green
    27 November 2015  
Five wonderful uni students came to Redfern this year to do their community history assignment. A lot of people weren't available for them but they dug deep and and earned distinctions. Lauren, Christina, Casey, Adam & Bella:-

  • updated the mural photos in Art
  • explored Settlement archives to see how the Wilson Bros site became RCC
    19 October 2015  

  99 stories project

Message from Koori Radio:
We are sharing knowledge, experience and history, and preserving it for generations to come. We want to hear your story! We'll be recording stories throughout November at our studios in Redfern - if you're interested in knowing more about the project and getting involved, click HERE.
    29 November 2015  
    SBS ondemand November  

Marlene Cummins' story Black Panther woman
    2 December 2015  
    5 December 2015  

Forum 2pm Redfern Town Hall
Hear about the work of the Grandmothers,
share your stories about the fight against
 child removal, and help make plans for February.
    5 December 2015  
    10 December 2015  

6.30 @RCC - forum on expansion of the intervention
    13 Mondays-from-5 October 2015  

heaps of history & deadly interviews

check out our uploads and hundreds of favourites
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Barani/Barrabugu = Yesterday/Tomorrow - Sydney walking tour
Walking in their footsteps
    watch-online 23/3/15  
Molly's story
+ policing 

Panel 2nd Sept
    -watch-online ALS  

by the mob
for the mob
    Watch-online 4/11/15  







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